carolyn coffee photography

carolyn who ?

Yes - It's really Carolyn Coffee. Lucky me I moved to the Coffee City in the late 80's.

Growing up in Alaska was a great inspiration. The mountains, channels, and glacier all just outside. Like lots of kids I didn't appriciate those early gifts at the time. Now I realize how amazing it was! I still love small adventures in a big back yard!!

The University of Oregon was my first stop out of Alaska. I studied Dance & Fine Art and earned my BA. While there I also had the opportunity to work with Linda Bray and accomplished painter and photographer.

After moving to Seattle I was fortunate to work with Yuen Lui Studios, a high volume and well known portrait studio. It was a great place to learn and grow as a professional. 20,000 + Sessions!

I am now living in North Bend, Wa just east of Seattle in the shadow of Mt Si with my family. I love having my own photography business and connecting with my clients all over the area. It is great to be back in the mountians with a big backyard !

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